This week I’m in southern France just outside Geneva for the annual International Governing Board meetings of the Mobile Member Care Team. I’ve been associated with this member care ministry since the year 2000 serving both in the area of governance but also as a workshop facilitator in diverse places like Nairobi, Cairo, and various West Africa locations.

“The Mobile Member Care Team (MMCT) is a  multidisciplinary, inter-mission team whose name says it all:  We provide a range of MEMBER CARE services like training workshops, consultations, brief counseling, psychological assessments and crisis response for missionaries.  And we’re MOBILE, providing these services right where missionaries live and work.

Proactive, compassionate member care like the kind provided by MMCT can build resilience among missionaries, prevent burnout and promote the resolution of team, interpersonal and marriage conflicts.  MMCT’s services can also help missionaries remain in effective service when they pass through crises like civil war, kidnappings, car jackings, armed robberies, assault and other traumatic events.

Our staff, all missionaries themselves, have backgrounds in personnel development, counseling, pastoral care, training and leadership in cross-cultural settings.  Strengthening the missionary community for healthy, loving service in the midst of challenge, change and crisis is our passion.”

An article that grew out of my DMin research is posted on the MMCT website: Resilience in Ministry Despite Trauma

This article was published in the 2007 member care book Worth Keeping: Global Perspectives on Best Practice in Missionary Retention and reviewed here by Marion Dicke, a CMA-Canada International Worker secunded to MMCT in Accra, Ghana.

In order to further develop this category of my interest there is a growing number of member care resources under the category of Vocational Resilience   on the Global Vault website.

Last year when I was with this member care group I interviewed several of them – those interviews are on the Global Vault vocational resiliency Vimeo channel

The group from left to right is YWAM’s Garry from Senegal, SIM’s Tim from Ivory Coast,  Erik from France, Les Stahlke – governance consultant, Siny from Switzerland, Annemie from Germany, Arie from the Netherlands, Darlene the International Coordinator from Ghana, AIM’s Terry from the UK,  Karen MMCT’s resident psychologist and RB from Canada.



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