While every church is directed by the Great Commission and Great Commandment, the pathway each church develops to lead people to maturity in Christ differs a great deal. The following pathways or ministry strategies have been submitted by churches throughout our district. They provide example of the missional process that is followed, enabling church families to evaluate their progress towards experiencing their purpose.

Church Discipleship Plans:

Discipleship Resources:

  • Alpha Canada – Alpha is an opportunity to explore the meaning of life in a relaxed, friendly setting. Click here to go to the Alpha website. Click here to visit Alpha Tools, a website designed to inform, equip and inspire Alpha leaders, teams and supporters.
  • VantagePointe3 –  VantagePoint3 is an organization deeply concerned with fostering depth and igniting faithful service by providing churches a unique approach to discipleship and leadership development.  We provide transformative and in-depth processes that help churches invest in the maturing of their adult believers and leaders.